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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the United States, Nike can be said to occupy half of the athletic footwear market, and has been continuously updated with style and performance sports shoes. ? Its chief design officer John Hawke continues to blaze new trails, development of new shoe materials to make the footwear industry into a green industry for sustainable development: the manufacture of sports shoes are no longer using the traditional rubber, adhesives, plastics and other toxic material. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 41-year-old Hawk design requirements in the design of sports shoes, to consider energy conservation, use less chemicals and produce minimal waste. He cautioned designer, said:. ". To design new shoes, we should try to forget the glue, adhesives, plastics and other toxic chemicals in the completely different footwear process, we will be faced with challenges of their own" & nbsp; & nbsp; Due to continuous innovation, Nike designers not only designed the Nike Shox and Nike Air cushion sports shoes, etc., they also inspired by African athletes run barefoot, and designed a wide leather belt replaced with two conventional laces Nike Free shoes, sports shoes which can jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black give your feet protection while letting movement have the feeling of running barefoot, while your feet hurt from the gravel road. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, not satisfied with these innovations Hawk, he would particularly like to designers to rely on geometry rather than chemical, to re-design the next generation of sports shoes. In order to avoid the use of adhesives, designers are developing organic cotton stitched shoes. These fibers are made from natural leather instead of the upper and midsole made of man-made fibers sewn together. For example, in the manufacture of basketball shoes, designers are using a natural material heel to replace plastic heel cup. Hawke said: "We are not envisaged filler foam lining, and focus on the application of bamboo fiber filler, because bamboo fiber filler is renewable." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for the designer's inspiration, so that the company's design staff Hawk to the zoo to observe the animal's feet, and the feet of an animal painting. He allows designers to visit the Detroit Auto Show, the main purpose is not to watch a variety of fascinating cars, but to gain inspiration from the car's decoration, s Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale tyle and color. He said: "We are concerned about car style, surface materials and automotive contour." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; he also asked designers with a hard cardboard makes up human engineering chair. They are not using traditional glue to bond the seat, back and chair legs, but participants folding and bending approach to the design of this chair, it will give full play to the imagination of designers, envisaged the possibility of using folding and bending of the shoe-making process, to replace the traditional shoe-making process of cutting and sewing. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hawk shoe technology has a long history of innovative ideas. In 1979, only 15 years old Hawk on the Nike founder Phil? Knight submitted a central air to keep the soles of sketches. After obtaining the bachelor's and master's degree in architecture, Hawker entered Nike in 1993, is responsible for establishing "Niketown" stores. Seven years later, he was responsible for designing a ShoxXTR Nike shoes, it is a system of training has air Shox shoes. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Hawk addition to chief design officer of Nike, but also serves as HermanMiller compan jordan 3 katrina 2018 y's board members, which is a 75-year history, set design and production office, medical and home furnishings as one of the international companies. He is constantly pioneering effort to inject more innovative design to a variety of new products. & Nbsp;Recently longer Free Inneva Woven Nike launched a new color range, the designers at very symbol summer dress pure color rendering rosy overall, respectively, aqua blue and warm orange color, weaving skills uppers with Brush Street Free outsole weapon, let filled with impressive trend of breath, it is learned that the series of shoes have been the first to sell in Europe, North America recently will be airborne, the country is no news, a friend might like to focus next sustained friends . Hanon x Saucony Shadow Master the second quarter of footwear exposure 2013-12-08 23:26:23 Following the February of this year when the first cooperation together again the British sports brand Saucony shoes shop Hanon, to create a new season of Shadow Master joint footwear, and named & nbsp; & quot; The Midnight Runner & quot ;. The design uses a combination of blue with purple shoes body build, Hanon iconic Flame Logo are still loaded into the tongu Retro jordans for sale e, on the heel and insole, in order to show the unique identity of this shoe. It is reported that the shoe will be on June 29 in the Hanon shop limited sale. Jordan CP3.VII Christmas color exposure 2013-12-09 00:09:18 Christmas footsteps getting closer, and all kinds of Christmas color of the shoes is endless, overwhelmed Jordan CP3.VII also exposed its Christmas version. Uppers overall use of fluorescent colors to create beautiful, the way the side lines with graffiti decorated with black heel selected and presented gradient effect. The color does not yet have specific release information, but I believe it will soon eat in front of us, please pay attention to the follow-up reports. Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG "black and blue" available information exposed 2015-09-22 12:23:12 Today, the network has brought us a pair of newly designed Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG, the brand selected black blue color tone, and high-top version of the color design no different, just to reduce the upper. Even so, it can not change its classic atmosphere. However, in low-cut shoes Sneaker awareness of the fact that the circle is still low, it also gives a lot of love players to i jordans on sale mens ts original price available opportunity oh. Shoes will be on sale on October 7, priced at $ 130, number 705329-004, interested friends might concern you. & nbsp;When 1, do pushups, lift your own body weight at least 65%. 2, 90% marathon runners legs are very fine, so the woman do not have to worry about running will make legs thicker. 3 80%~82%, who at the beginning of fitness, will soon give up, only less than 20% will persist. Don't know which one do you belong to? 4, the body which muscle is stronger? The heart is the body's strongest muscle. 5, even if you are thin, your body fat rate may also be at a high unhealthy range, because the human body not only including subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. 6, when you add a kilogram of muscle, every day it will help you consume 110 more calories. 7, in China, only 13% of the male figure is strong and well balanced. Are you one of them? 8, fitness training a good figure is to give his best luxury jewelry. 9, if fasting for 12 hours, your basic metabolism level will be reduced by 40%. So by dieting to lose weight, not only more and more difficult, the equivalent of doing nothing. 10, running on the treadmill, if you hand on the treadmill cheap air jordans handrail will lead you directly consume 20% less calories. 11, if you want to consume a pound of fat, the calories need 3500 calories, because a pound of fat has 3500 calories. 12, rope skipping. Simple and cheap, but also in any part of the movement is skipping. Rope skipping per minute is consumed more calories than other forms of exercise. Skipping rope not only can exercise and can bring infinite joy. The most wonderful is that you can jump rope with your child, sharing happiness exercise. 13, running. Running has many benefits, it can relieve the pressure, reduce the risk of depression, burn a lot of fat, improve the overall health level. I particularly enjoy running, especially the morning run. I think it is a very suitable for daily exercise. Every time after a run, I have a great sense of accomplishment. 14, swimming. Swimming is a very effective shaping exercise, it will bring you unexpected shaping effect, which for swimming lovers and to prepare body sculpting is a good news. All muscles of swimming can exercise your torso and exercise your body. 15, push ups. Unfortunately, many people refuse to do push ups completed because it is a bit difficult. In fact, push ups on your cheap foamposites body is good. Push up a variety of types, different types of push ups exercise shoulder and arm muscles in different positions. Often replace the push up party "from "Crazy" Van Purcell endorsement of Reebok The AIKE Blast, has now been confirmed will soon officially engraved. It is reported that this time will give priority to the sale of the classic black and white color. The classic black and white Yuanyang plus followed by the iconic explosion pattern memorable. source counterkickslink, Jordan, XI, Low, White/Red, & Columbia & Citrus & Metallic Silver Release Date: 4/14/2001 Look, Jordan Brand s got a pretty solid "earmark placed on most of our disposable incomes. But, if JB dropped a release like 2001s Air Jordan XI Low pack nowadays it probably cause another recession. Dropping D on April 14th were the White/ Red," Columbia, "" Citrus "and (not to mention Metallic Silver the GS" Pink "version too colorways of everyone s)" favorite low top J. All. In. One. Day. Damn them new loafers hurt my pocket "Nike Cortez Chukka is based on Cortez's classic shoe body design, increasing the height and padding of the air jordan 11 space jam for sale boot. Recently, the new Cortez Chukka suitable for autumn and winter was born. Color, this has Agam color and black and white color, it is understood that the shoes have been part of the shelves. [Chinese shoes Network - the new equipment] when the engine roar, the roar of the track, in April this year, the annual F1 race will be the resumption of fighting in the Shanghai International Circuit, the blood of countless fans feel the speed and the turn to visit the site rapid collision of passion, for the love of the players to cheer, to witness the passion of F1, sweat and glory. As a strong supporter of racing equipment in the field, F1 Ferrari official partner, PUMA in its current F1 races during the same season for everyone to bring a new racing series. This, PUMA not only revolutionized the use of lightweight materials and processes, bring more light and comfortable wearing experience, while also join the beautiful design element is more suitable for young people, providing a rich and colorful (stores) match Choose. PUMA racing in the world, you can enjoy the most tide the most IN fashion racing equipment will play up to people to feel relaxed and enjoy fantastic F1 race, buy cheap jordans online or experience the pleasure of driving pleasure yourself chic! PUMA racing series not only has a rich history, but also adapt to the times, constantly updated, constantly inject youthful vigor. This season's shoes taken from different sports products inspired by the use of lightweight materials and more advanced technology, combining lightweight running shoes and desert boots are stylish and practical. Lightweight with a perfect combination of fashion, let the storm Racing F1 Shanghai station unstoppable! Ferrari family darling Future Cat SuperLT SF This season, PUMA Ferrari family's new favorite Future Cat SuperLT SF series, PUMA racing velocity tribute. Which shoes to artificial light EVA material with breathable mesh shoe body, weighs only 150g, people enjoy the relaxed gallop, galloping track of passion and joy; on the side of the Ferrari shield logo and the Italian flag on the heel constantly remind you This is a racing world trend product; red and white colors with a more classic Ferrari never fade. Driving Power 2 Mid series is PUMA racing series in casual style shoes, designed for fashion fans to create the best mix of spectators. Velcro toe design elements influx of yo jordans on sale online ung people is a widely sought after; set under the elastic band, high-quality perforated leather can bring good comfort. Of course, scattered around the body of the shoe racing Ferrari logo is your fashion Daren exclusive mark. "Schumacher" boots writing a legendary champion When favorite riders appear in the game scene, screaming and carnival fans are passionate enough to express feelings of love. If you can have a branded F1 legend engraved winner label shoes, no doubt is one of many F1 fans dream. This season, PUMA will launch a special Drift Cat 4 Alonso SF A series, shoes are printed with the top racers Alonso (ALONSO) unique symbol, the interpretation of the legendary racing series PUMA and Ferrari drivers never admit defeat the spirit of the soul, F1 will become a large hot pink hot chase seasonal goods. It is worth mentioning that this product in classic Draft Cat shoes made based on a new design concept, colorful shoelace eyelet design is more fashionable. "Ice Blue" movement to lead the color revolution PUMA Ferrari racing series has set off a red shirt revolution, but this season the bold introduction of this new blue color elements, will lead another eternity. In fact, the most classic Ferrari supercar series --Ferrari California on its unique iconic ice-blue fans in one fell swoop captured the hearts and minds of countless fans. Ferrari series knitted jacket, in the arm, elbow parts are used racing-inspired design, and equipped with a unique design and Italian Pier Ferrari yellow flag inspired design printing, combined with the breakthrough after blue bring maximum visual shock; by their common interpretation of a single product, into the young rhythm in motorsport, will become the new style F1 fans ringing. This spring, destined to be the exclusive season of F1 fans, PUMA racing series with the most current equipment occasion, about a few friends together to experience exciting events of the passion charm!3M Dunk Sky Hi The application of "the design inspiration comes from Cristiano," Blau added, "his technical ability makes him one of the best offensive player in the sport, and he was the key game of eye-catching performance, laid his best player status. "Optic Norco has 29 inch diameter and 27.5 inch wheel diameter of two kinds of wheel diameter is optional, there are different versions of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber material, detachable ISCG direct loading, Norco really can meet the needs of all people. Optic optional models from 27.5 inches to 29erif you want to use the most simple sentence introduction Optic this car, that is: it supports 27.5 and two 29 kinds of wheel diameter, these two specifications of the car are the same name of the same configuration. But when you look at the details, you will find norco has passed "gravity tune" technology in the frame of different wheel diameter and riding posture adjustment. 27.5 wheel diameter models equipped with front fork of 130mm travel, through the norco A. R. t damping linking technology with 120mm of travel rear suspension control. The 29er models will vary somewhat, such as before and after stroke reduce 10mm to accommodate the larger wheel diameter, shorter the position handlebar closer to the driver. after reading the geometric figure below, you will find more minor adjustments, such as the 29 inch model above the tube angle increased by 0.5 degrees, the length of the tube and the 27.5 models have 10mm differences. The actual difference between 29er and 27.5 (650B) Norco carefully designed after the fork, so that the chain to maintain a straight, more stable. 29 inch models using a shorter 435mm length of the rear fork, in the large frame based on the flexibility to enhance the vehicle. All models of the rear fork are aluminum alloy material. A.R.T "" shock absorber layout makes the rear bile can better vibration mitigation regulation, in the uphill and downhill can have a good performance concise and full of emotional way to make the Optic Norco front can keep clean, reduce the noise caused by the line pipe the 2.25 inch tire wheel collocation, but can be seen after the fork or a certain gap can accommodate larger tires Optic Norco 29 frame geometry Optic Norco 27.5 frame geometry Optic models have many worth emphasizing advantages. First they directly and fox cooperation, jointly developed by the a compression adjustment 120mm travel fork, in performance closer to 2.75 inch models match the 130mm version. At the same time, the "GIZMO" in the design of the line to make the body simple, more quiet, and reduce the maintenance cycle. Carbon fiber frame using the "ARMORLITE" resin material to increase the impact resistance of the frame, adding the "SmoothCore" technology and make the frame become lighter and more efficient.