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9 am, Public Security Bureau announced that the Mawei, and Mawei Economic Investigation Brigade cracked a trademark infringement case, a batch of counterfeit NIKE, while foreign trade goods and other trademarks COACH going abroad was promptly stopped, worth more than 2,000 yuan. warehouse hidden large number of fake shoes, bags Last May 21, Mawei Mawei Industry Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade to surrender along with alleged violations of NIKE, and other cases COACH trademark rights. January 7 last year, the business sector in Mawei Jiang Hong Ting Tong seized a warehouse 1.1376 ten thousand pairs of NIKE trademark affixed, 8624 pairs affixed with Jordan trademark sneakers, 1.5944 ten thousand affixed COACH trademark handbag and wallet . After identification, these are counterfeit trademark merchandise trade, involving an estimated value of more than 2000 million. Police investigations revealed that the warehouse caretaker Linmou Ji Qi Mei Lin's husband and even some interest with the case. After the matter was brought to light, Lin disappeared, even a Hing absconded. Was seized truck drivers Liumou Jun and Zhou Mouli has not Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale yet reached the case under investigation. Last June, four police as online fugitives. In the same month, the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department will supervise the handling of the case as a case of ministries and agencies. through a list of incomplete sales, police found declarer Fuzhou Yung Fu import and export trading company. Checked the eighteenth single shipment, before the 17 single goods are from Fuzhou Jinfu US footwear company entrusted to handle. It Lin Jinfu US footwear legal representative, and there is sick leave record. next few months, police have investigated Jinfu US company workers, financial and related inspection personnel, opened Lin Jiang Hong Ting Tong, who rented the warehouse from the list of incomplete sales, as sales of counterfeit trademark transit station trade goods, sold abroad truth. Chinese fakes responsible for sales to the United States Police later learned, when Lin Jinfu US companies to build factories for illegal occupation of agricultural land, last March Detention Cangshan Economic Investigation Brigade, have been charged to court Cangshan Procuratorate. Last November, the court sente jordans on sale mens nced Lin probation. Just out of the detention center, he was taken away by Mawei police XingJu again. Lin, 40, cauda equina Tingjiang people. In 2005, he was seized by customs fraud LV bag, was sentenced to court administrative penalties, while 300,000 yuan compensation to the injured party. end of 2006, Lin return to prostitution. In January last year seized more than 2,000 million in the business sector of foreign trade of counterfeit trademark goods, that he and his associates specially shipped from Shenzhen to Fuzhou transit, and then sold to the United States. Two Chinese American green card holders responsible for sales, price per pair of shoes a little lower than the regular price. Lin said, even though not certain interest in profit from sick leave, but he knows it is fake also help transit services. Last July, even some interest in Mawei Langqi relatives arrested. According to police investigators, the current Lin, even a Linmou Ji Xing and three major suspects have been arrested. Xing Lin and even certain which has now been indicted Procuratorate, ????? otherwise disposed of. Several remaining fugitive suspects are arrested jordans on sale online in further. investigation immediately fakes can go abroad is to drill a test loophole counterfeit trademark goods Why can successfully exported and sold to the United States? According to police investigators, Lin Jinfu US company commissioned Fuzhou Yung Fu import and export trading company for customs clearance, sealed lead number, container number and other procedures. These procedures are the first declaration by the Yung peking, then himself loading. Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and did not send on-site inspection, supervision. Finally, customs inspection of goods on Sinotrans abroad. Therefore, this test loophole allows fakes abroad advantage of the loophole. yesterday afternoon, Inspection and Quarantine of the Fujian Textile relevant person in charge said in an interview, according to relevant regulations, are eligible to apply for foreign trade companies, Inspection and Quarantine, the inspectors have access to the plant, spot checks have been loaded cartons goods, without exception before opening customs formalities. Container companies to get fitted after customs formalities, re-export from the customs. If the enter jordan 3 katrina 2018 prises in the transfer package packing of goods, are smuggling illegal. The official said, according to relevant regulations, our country only with special agreement with Sierra Leone and Ethiopia, when the inspection and quarantine, the inspector must supervise loading containers business, and marked with letters letterpress printing. In addition In addition, exports to the US and other countries were sent to on-site supervision. following the released after the new demonstration of the wtaps and Kubozuka Yousuke. "Grind" to bring the debut of the new books WACKO Maria 2016 summer series, to a variety of summer theme style clothing, show uninhibited style. Single product includes store commemorative T-shirt, Hawaii Shirt, patterned Hoodie, Baseball Jacket, Embroidered jacket, mix and match leopard, cashew flowers, summer floral illustrations and other elements, with the youth style, interested friends can click here to read who presided Mori Nobuhi interview.The team trampled out a season exactly what plan? Is, of course, to alive and the small meat slightly, charge on the treasure lucrative, maybe two years Duncan will leave their future cheap foamposites to him. Who knows? businesslike, and is known as "new year" last year's rookie compared, this year's little meat seems to be a general lack of energetic, at present three greatest champion popular downs, Emeka Okafor, Mudi AI temporarily is not showing has become the future of the alliance of five potential, but lack of superabundant than falling, put aside all the objective factors, the reigning rookie or quite a surprise, especially two inside champion hot. , a small meat: Carle - Downes. Born in November 15, 1995. Position: center. Template: / Rachid Wallace / Nuo A Bogert Karl downs in recent presses a Emeka Okafor become a champion in the latest hot, as an insider, Downes's biggest advantage is his superior size and shape and above average athletic ability, can complete the free throw line in a step dunk). According to the recent body side data, stang height is 6 feet 11 inches (about 2.11 meters), wingspan to 7 feet 4 inches (2.23 meters), stand touch high 9 feet 1 inch (277 meters). has excellent physical fitness, while Downes's desire for the game and the enthusiasm of the defense is also a first-class level - this is obviously a bo jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black nus point for the coach like. Currently this season he in NCAA per 36 minutes to grab 11.4 rebounds, send 3.7 blocks -- in his game time, University of Kentucky basket can be described as airtight. but the defense intention is one thing, the defense technology is another matter, Downes defensive skills can't be that bad, just on capping obsession sometimes affect his judgment of their location and the season he per 36 minutes to foul 5.16 times, next to the NBA, which may hinder his stable playing time of a hidden. compared to a strong defensive, Downes's attack ability is not so prominent, as the center, Downes mid-range jumper ability more let impression profound, in fact he is a big man of a soft touch, basket ball complete offensive skills is very skillful, to enter the University of, the handle was pulled out compared with Sullinger (this season, the Celtics team field are in a third of the fat inside). in addition, he in the basket also a very stable and highly skilled hook shot, in view of his size advantage, the future he in the NBA may have potential to develop a stable low attack means, become the team's a tactical fulcrum, howev Retro jordans for sale er, if you want become similar levels of Brooke - Lopez playmaker words may have difficult. The utility 〉 〉, it's worth mentioning is that downs passing skill quite impressive, the ball tactics and overall point of view in similar players belong to the top.Sina micro-blog company introduces cooperation brand and contact us copyright declaration Beijing City Seth Times Media Culture Co. Ltd Copyright? 2017 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP ready for No. 13028176 Air Jordan XX3 "Trophy Room" physical beauty appreciation 2016-05-25 15:32:35 limited offer 500 pairs of Air Jordan XX3 "Trophy Room" white version, so that many friends in the United States have not bought, it is reported that the scene of the friends claimed that the former 300 friends can also buy the shoes, for the other side of the ocean, we are far beyond reach. Let's take a picture of it and hope that Jordan Brand can sell it at home. After all, it's beautiful! In July 20, 1969, Neal ·: Alden · Armstrong became the first astronaut to set foot on the moon, and was the first human to leave footprints on extraterrestrial planets. To co cheap air jordans mmemorate this historic feat, Nike Sportswear first walked on the moon in the 45th anniversary day, recently launched a special Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP "lunar landing" color new products. The new shoe with a large area of 3M reflective exhibits a lunar surface texture of leather color, two shoes heel collocation respectively on behalf of the United States flag of blue and white stars with red and white stripes of color, make the shoes look more rosy, and ink Lunarlon corrosion epicenter bottom and gold Max Air luxury window the air cushion, not only provides a powerful technology to show, but also let the shoes design details full of delicate feeling. New products will be on July 20th the same day in limited manner in foreign shoe stores on sale, like friends do not miss it! nike-air-max-lunar90-sp-moon-landing-1.jpg (74.24 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP "moon landing" color Upload 09:07 2014-7-15 nike-air-max-lunar90-sp-moon-landing-3.jpg (73.71 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP "moon landing" color Upload 09:07 2014-7-15 nike-air-max-lunar90-sp-moon-landing-2.j buy cheap jordans online pg (106.77 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Max Lunar90 SP "moon landing" color 2014-7-15 09:07 uploads , Nike, Air, Max, Lunar90, landing 00 1-131231203221.jpg (122.05 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 07:51 2014-1-1 The Nike Zoom Asics this time again with its signature shoes Gel Saga modeled, this summer brings a new Watermelon color. This section selects the summer hot weather essential fruit watermelon as the design inspiration, the Green Suede and mesh stitching shoes, and shoes with red dotted with white light, the midsole and outsole is black. asics-gel-saga-watermelon-1 (1).Jpg (76.75 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Asics Gel Saga WatermelonUpload 08:53 2014-7-16 asics-gel-saga-watermelon-1.jpg (61.19 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Asics Gel Saga WatermelonUpload 08:53 2014-7-16 asics-gel-saga-watermelon-2.jpg (46.46 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Asics Gel Saga WatermelonUpload 08:53 2014-7-16 asics-gel-saga-watermelon-3.jpg (100.84 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Asics Gel Saga Watermelon 2014-7-16 08:53 upload , Asics, air jordan 11 space jam for sale Gel, Saga, Watermelon, representative, running shoes 00After 001IzPVqgy6HT748Kt62〉1388796328986_720x450.jpg (51.93 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-4 09:13 upload Asics continue to try for its popular Gel Lyte III added a variety of color shoes to meet many shoes on it and this favor, recently wearing classic black and white coat new show. The perfect combination of the shoe body is still used with suede mesh, black shoes and lace holes, main colors, leather and Logo, followed by the side in the bottom is white, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. asics-gel-lyte-iii-black-white-1.jpg (92 KB, download number: 0) download Asics Gel Lyte III black and white color 2014-10-27 09:40 upload Logo, black and white, running shoes, shops, signs 00heavy color engraved regression! Following the 2013 engraved classic Chicago white hair customer service, Red Bulls color will reproduce the Air Jordan 1 type of shoes, this time in the first year of the present design to build, using high quality leather, with red tongue Nike Air embroidery, followed by Jumpman and not Logo. in brand 30th anniversary, this Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG " Chicago" the first year of reproduction, to celebrate the anniversary commemorative atmosphere adds more, will be officially on sale in May 30th, priced at $$160. item: 555088-101 release date: May 30thPrice:to lead us to experience ZX Flux evolution, from May 11th onwards, Adidas Originals will open during Limited store #ZXFLUX LAB in Tongluowan, Fang Cleveland street, in addition to show "ZX8000" version, Ganso beginning to gift world celebrity star purple limited styles, March launch, 250 of the Global Limited define Consortium style, and only the sale of city New York, Moscow, Berlin, London and Shanghai define styles, but also show the exclusive sale of Adidas Originals ZX and Flux 4 series of spring and summer of 2014 - Black Elements, Print Pack, Base Pack and Weave Pack. 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New Jersey 37 year old single mother Michelle Lewis (Mischele Lewis) accidentally found that she knew in the dating site 42 year old fiance & quot; Liam (Liam &); quot; ID name is William Alan Jordan (William Allen Jordan), she is in her future in the online search by husband, she was shocked to know the truth. inside her child's father is actually a spy posing as bigamy fraud, including herself, he in 5 different countries, a total of 21 women cheated, and had 13 children, and from them fraud 30 Wan Yingbang (about 2 million 650 thousand yuan). 2012, Michelle know the perfect man in Britain grew up & Liam quot; & quot; after a few months, two people engaged, but & quot; Liam & quot; long time no news that Michelle puzzled. Faced with questions, & quot; Liam & quot; pretending to confess all confesses that he was a British secret agent working in the Middle East; he was on duty at night and at weekends; he had no time to date her. And for various reasons to fraud Michelle 1550 pounds, also let her pregnant. Figure for michelle. believes that she will marry agent, let Michelle very excited and nervous. Until one day, & quot; Liam & quot; left her wallet on the table of her house. Michelle found his ID card name is & quot; William Alan; Jordan & quot;, very curious, so in the online search a bit. It turned out that 7 years ago, Mary Turner Townsend Mary Turner Thomson in Edinburgh, England, had had the same experience as she had. The picture shows Marie. Marie and Jordan got married for 4 years, gave birth to two children, sold the house, and were tricked out of 200 thousand pounds. At that time Jordan for bigamy and the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, the crime of fraud in jail for 21 months and was expelled from the uk. But after he released the hardcore, Jordan returned to the United States of New Jersey hometown, Michelle here, and he used the same trick piancaipianse. The picture shows Marie. learned the truth, although Michelle extremely nervous, but she was very calm, she knew that only caught evidence can be such a liar to justice. So, she bought a camera installed in the home hidden place, to find the opportunity to lure Jordan personally admitted his fraud. finally, after investigating the case, the police found all evidence of his deception, theft, and posing as government officials, and the court sentenced Jordan to 3 years in prison.